July 2019

Silicon Sphere

A sphere made from pure Silicon metal.

November 2018

Polyhedroid Agate Slice

Polyhedroid Agate slice​​ from Brazil.

November 2018

Snowflake Obsidian Sphere

A snowflake obsidian sphere.

November 2018

Pietersite Slice

​Pietersite slice from Namibia.

April 2018

Green Opal Sphere

​A Green Opal sphere from Madagascar.

April 2018

Rhodochrosite Sphere

A Rhodochrosite Sphere, likely from Argentina.

August 2016

mingles Factory

A platform in which users can design their own LEGO Minifigure scaled swords from a possible 221,000 combinations and have them uploaded to and 3D printed on Shapeways.
Technologies used: Django, React, Three.js, Gherkin, Heroku, Python, Javascript, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Photoshop