April 2015

Bus Tracker

A talking bus tracking web application I did as part of a team of 5 which utilised​ the Transport for Edinburgh Open Data API.
Technologies used: Django, Heroku, Python

April 2015

System Design Project

A System Design Project I did as part of a team of 6 in my penultimate year of University. Robots were built and programmed to autonomously play table football using an Arduino connected to a planner which drew its input from a vision system above the pitch.
Technologies used: Arduino, Java, C

March 2015

Robotics: Autonomous Navigation

​A practical I did in a team of two while at University using simulated Khepera robots.
Technologies used: MATLAB

February 2015

Computer Vision: Card Classification

A practical I did in a team of two while at University​ to create a vision system written in python used to classify a card from a deck of cards.
Technologies used: OpenCV, Python

January 2014

Undergraduate Research Practical

​A research paper I wrote at University on how people manage personal photo collections and how best to manage one when preparing it for future generations.
Technologies used: R, UML, Photoshop